After every event, we ask our speakers for tidbits of advice.
Find their pearls of wisdom below ✨

SHANN'S ADVICE · To stand out in a world of abundance, relevance is not enough. You need to be really fucking interesting". Quoting Martin Weigel “You can be relevant as hell but boring as fuck".

KATIE'S ADVICE · I'll borrow from Bruce Springsteen "Believe that you're the baddest ass in town but also that you suck. It keeps you honest." I like it because I think that in marketing, self-awareness/self-doubt can be an asset, but it doesn't have to come at the risk of losing your confidence. 

TOM'S ADVICE · "1) Never lose sight of perspective. What really matters. Most of the time we get too close to stuff. We ALWAYS get too close to our worlds and forget our customer/consumers/bosses etc. 2) Know when to be fast and when to be slow...READ MORE"

ANUSH'S ADVICE · "Never run scared - dream interesting dreams and try them out based on your information and intuition - you'll be right more times than wrong and, more importantly, learn from when you are wrong"

SCOTT'S ADVICE · The world is drawn to people who dance on tables like no one's watching.


Taking uncomfortable risks
always pays off. 

DEREK'S ADVICE · "Be brave. That doesn't mean you aren't afraid. It means, you don't let the fear rule you and your creativity. Trust in your humanity. And be open to failing"

MARK'S ADVICE · "I don't know if you've ever seen the first few moments of a foal's life. In a miracle of nature, the foal squeezes out of its mother and onto its belly on the ground....READ MORE"


Podcaster, cultural commentator, ex-personal assistant to P-Diddy, Head of Cultural Partnerships at Spotify

EUNICE'S ADVICE · "Live the theme of Cut the Crap! Cut the BS and be an optimistic skeptic when it comes to marketing trends. Test them, yes, but don’t think they’ll be a silver bullet.

BOB'S ADVICE · "The best media strategy is a great ad.


The best marketing strategy is a

great ad"

GREG'S ADVICE · "If you’re serious about making a campaign filled with impactful content that is not only going to stand out, but that also means something - you have to put in the work. You must show up and put in the effort... READ MORE